Top Africa Wedding Photographer

Christelle Rall is the Top Africa Wedding Photographer as per International Awards, world rankings and accolades.

 She has ranked in many ‘Top Wedding Photographers in the world’ lists.  In the past year, she ranked in the ‘Top 20 best wedding photographers’ (Fall collection) by the International Society of Wedding Photographers (ISPWP).  This was the second time she has ranked in this prestigious list.  She is the first and only African to have been placed on the ISPWP’s Top 20 ranking. In 2016, she was also honored with Top 100 listings by SLR Lounge, Fearless Photographers, Wedding Photography Society and the top honour, ISPWP’s ‘Top 100 Photographers of 2016‘.

Christelle, one of my bridesmaids who are a wedding planner in London said she’d never seen wedding photographs as lovely as the one’s you took. Here’s what she wrote me in an email:  “I think they really captured the feel of the wedding and the venue and you guys as a couple! I’m sure you must be really happy with them because every one I saw looked like it should go in a frame on a mantelpiece!! It must be so hard to look through them and choose because they really were all unbelievable! Save their contacts for my wedding please!” I’m definitely going to recommend you guys to anyone I know who’s planning a wedding!

– Dyllan & Michelle, April 2010